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Pandemic's Effect On Office Work Time


Pandemic’s Effect on Office Work Time

--The pandemic and the series of lockdowns that followed have 

changed our way of life,  our social habits to a  considerable  

extent ;  It is also true in respect of  the office work time  to which 

we were habituated  before ;  Previously, the normal office time was 

from 9 AM or  9-30 AM to 5 PM or 5-30 PM, respectively,  in the 

afternoon ; But now, by virtue of  the pandemic situation,   almost 

all of us  are habituated  for a long time in a completely  different 

style of work like work  from home, office work for a shorter time 

or for a shorter  time of  different shift  etc.   These work from home 

or flexible period  of  work  for a  long time  have gradually changed 

our likings  and attitude towards the office work time  to such 

a  great extent that this will be  found very interesting  if we have a 

look into it ;

As per a  recent  multinational survey report among the workers 

of 29 countries  in this  post pandemic period,  one can observe the 

following :-

  -- People around  the  world  who like to work flexibly when the 

      Covid-19 pandemic  is  over -  Two-third portion of the persons 

       surveyed ;

 --People who are prepared to quit their job if the authority compel 

    them to go  back to   office for  full time like before – Almost 

     a third portion of the  persons  surveyed ;

--The survey also  shows  that people have coped better with work 

     from  home  than  some  feared ;   Besides,  a majority of the 

     people across the world like to keep  working  flexibly from home ;


The survey  also challenges a number of dire predictions about the 

effects of remote  working ;  It was apprehended that people will 

miss their  co-workers,  they will be less productive &  become 

burned down ; But  the  survey finds only minority support for  

these views ;

Hybrid Models of Work Pattern –

Now-a-days Hybrid models of mixed 'in-office'  and  'remote working'  

are  gaining  popularity  among  both the employees  & the managers ; 

London Business School Professor, Lynda  Graton also believes that 

hybrid working  model can make our  lives  more purposeful,  productive 

and flexible ;  According to her,  many are seeing  this as  a 

once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity  to reset  our work using a hybrid model ;

In the post-pandemic future of work,  nine out of ten organizations 

will be combining  remote &  onsite working,  according to a new 

Mckinsey survey of 100 executives across  Industries and geographies ;  

The survey confirms  that productivity & customer  satisfaction have 

increased  during the pandemic with the help of this model ;

[Ref :   ' Ipsos Group S.A. Survey',  conducted by WEF & other sources 

              as  mentioned] ;



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