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Work From Home Vs. CYBER CRIMES

  Work From Home Vs.   CYBER CRIMES   Before this series of lockdowns there had been work from home but that was occasional and only   up to a very limited scale, mainly purpose oriented ;   But, during   the Covid-19 Pandemic and after,   this ‘Work-from-Home’   has become a general feature in mainly IT and many other allied sectors ; However, lockdown restrictions are easing now but   many companies in mainly financial and   IT   sectors have started telling   their employees that they will be allowed to work from home several days in a week permanently, and the rest of the time in the office ; In this scenario, centering over work from home, Cyber Attacks are rapidly increasing ; Cyber activities such as phishing, malware and ransom ware grew from   less than 5000 per week in February, 2020 to more than 2,00,000 per week in late April, 2021, as per Financial Stability Board ;   Financial Stability Board (FSB) This Board which is known as global financial watchdog,   doe

Pandemic's Effect On Office Work Time

  Pandemic’s Effect on Office Work Time -- The pandemic and the series of lockdowns that followed have  changed our  way of life,   our social habits to a  considerable   extent ;  It is also true in respect of  the office work time  to which  we were habituated  before ;  Previously, the normal office time was  from 9 AM or   9-30 AM to 5 PM or 5-30 PM, respectively,   in the  afternoon ; But now, by virtue  of  the pandemic situation,   almost  all of us  are habituated  for a long time in a completely  different  style of work like work  from home, office work for a shorter time  or for a shorter  time of  different shift  etc.   These work from home  or flexible period  of  work  for a  long time  have gradually changed  our likings  and attitude towards the office work time  to such  a  great extent that this will be  found very interesting  if we have a  look into it ; As per a   recent   multinational survey report among the workers  of 29 countries   in this   post pandemic