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Pandemic's Effect On Child Development

  Pandemic's  Effect  On Child    Development   During this unprecedented period of Pandemic & series of Lockdowns we are much stressed both inside   and outside of our family ;   While we sometimes   have to go outside for bare necessities,   our   children remain totally   confined   within the house, devoid of   any normal social contacts for a long   time ;   How they are affected mentally & also physically ?    Within   a few paragraphs we can try to highlight some points briefly as under –   Physical & Mental    The various means to mitigate   the   threat   of spread of the Covid-19   pandemic such as social restrictions, shutdowns, school closure etc. contribute to the   stress in parents & children and can become risk factors which can adversely affect a child’s   physical & mental growth ; As per   studies   conducted by the PubMed, WHO   Covid -19 &   SciELO, epidemics can lead to high levels of   stress in parents &a

Using Facemasks for Detection of Covid-19

  Using Facemasks   for Detection   of   Covid-19   Can a facemask be used as a   Biosensor ?   How it would be   if   a facemask,  after being  used  for   some time would be able to detect Covid-19 virus ?   Very interesting,  isn’t  it ?  Rest assured,  now it is a reality,  thanks to the  recent research by Dr. Peter Nguyen &  Dr. Luis R. Soenksen  at  the  MIT/Harvard Laboratory where,  as interviewed  by  Mrs. Emily Henderson,  they had been trying to bring advanced biological circuits  outside  the   laboratory in a miniature form,  to develop   a wearable  like a facemask which would contain biosensors for detection of  Covid-19 ;   Biosensors To identify various physiological signals of a human body we use various  kinds of  sensors like pulse oxi-meter,  pressure machine, recently innovated  Apple watch etc. However, in contrast to such various electronic, mechanical or optical  sensors,  biosensors  use specially engineered genetic circuits to create  a  se