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Pandemic's Effect on Family Relationship


Pandemic’s Effect on Family Relationship 

It will be a very interesting  discussion if we look into the matter  of  some

sort of changes  in family  relationship in this global pandemic atmosphere ; 

This Covid-19 Pandemic, being  an once-in-a-century affair, followed by a

series of Lock-downs in almost  every  country,  has so far affected in every 

sphere  of  human life, namely, social, cultural,  economic  & also in  

family-lives in  almost all the  corners of our planet ;


However,  to  limit the  volume  of this  writing ,  let us  confine our  

brief discussion only  to the  changes  that might have been noticed  

due to this pandemic situation  within the family  circles  of two 

different  economic  sectors,  i.e., the Working Class &/or Lower-

Middle Class People   and  the  Upper-Middle Class people ;

At the beginning it should be made clear that the points narrated 

below are not at all comprehensive,  written on the basis of only 

personal experience,  from the social  media or friends or from other 

miscellaneous  studies ;


 In case  of  Working Class  &/or   Lower-Middle-Class  People 


This sector of the population comprises mostly unorganized labors,  

various  self employed  persons like hawkers, vendors, small traders 

& their  employees etc.  In our country they have no social security 

and are living  from hand-to-mouth ; During pandemic  lock-down they 

are confronted with  the  fear of losing their employment, jobs  & 

livelihood, followed  by anxiety, tension & depression which  create 

considerable  effects  in their family  relationship  in a varied ways  

as below  -


Case I – Here the main earning member, generally a male person, is 

               much dominant in  the family ; The mutual bonding 

               understanding amongst the  members of the  family is not 

               strong ; When this  main earning member  suffers from 

               mental stress for the fear of losing job,  his stress is not

               much shared by other members &   troubles  begins,  

               peace is disturbed,  cases of domestic violence & child 

               abuse  are increased ;


Case II -  When lockdown begins above family is faced with a very 

                 tough situation  resulting in more breaking of family peace,  

                children are neglected ; They fail  to find out a possible 

                 alternate livelihood ;  Many-a-times a negative tendency   

                 of  earning  money  in an unauthorized  way ( by black

                 marketing etc.)   may  develop ;   It may create mutual 

                 distrust among the  members &  gradually the  family is 

                 faced with a more devastating future ;


Case III – There may develop positive  developments  also ;  If the

                 head of the  Family  is not much dominant,  where he 

                 decides everything after  consulting with his  wife & other 

                 grown up members,  there prevail a strong family bonding ;

                 Before lockdown begins,  his mental stress for fear of losing 

                 job is shared  by all ;   They slowly prepare themselves for

                 an alternative livelihood like door to door  vegetables   

                 vending or any other suitable  trades,  to give domestic 

                 services  to others etc.  It strengthens the solidarity among 

                 the   family members much more ;


       In case  of  Upper Middle-Class  People 


                   This  section of people comprises population  who are 

                   financially better  off  &  white collar employees of  various 

                   reputed  companies ;  During  pandemic  &   the economic 

                   recession that  followed  they also suffer from  the fear of  

                   losing  jobs but still,  by virtue of  their technical skill &

                   education they are in  a better  position to switch off to  an  

                   alternative mode of  discharging their  duties (work from 

                   home)  or other  alternative jobs ;  So their mental stress or 

                  agony are much less as  compared to that of the working class ; 

                  However, during  pandemic  lock down the following  effects,  

                  both positive & negative,  can be  observed in their family 

                   relationship –


             Case I -   Owing to lock down the family members stay together, 

                        eat  together,   spend  quality time together by inter-member

                         gossiping,  watching  TV  together,  witnessing   each  others 

                        pain & pleasure etc.  All these   have positive effects in

                        building up solidarity among the members  & thus  the 

                        domestic jobs are shared  joyfully by all,  provided there

                        is no financial  constraints by virtue of work-from-home or

                        other financial  conditions ;  Children also remain happy as

                        they get both their parents together ;


              Case II -   Confinement  for a long time in a closed area increases 

                       the  chances of inter-member clashes  also,   mainly between

                       husband & wife ;  If the husband is much dominant, every

                       time making orders on his wife  or  is  in the habit of

                       consuming alcohol taken from the  pre-lockdown 

                       accumulated  stocks etc.,  the chances of  intra-member 

                       quarreling   increases ;  Children are neglected, old 

                       generation,  if there be any,  do not get  due respects from 

                       the younger ones ;  In this atmosphere  bonding between 

                       family members  weakens  & chances of divorce  increase ;




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