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Social Crimes During Pandemic


Social Crimes During Pandemic 

If we try  to study the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Crimes, during & after lockdown,  some interesting  features  in  crime records can be observed ; The development of such features is owing to changes in social behavior, some social habits and obviously,  the social panic associated with the pandemic situation ;  Mandatory  staying at home,  excessive dependence on internet for work from home,  strict maintenance of  social distance outside  etc. ,  all  have changed the known pattern of crime records of the pre-pandemic  era ;  During the pandemic  lockdown period the occurrence of some types of crime have increased whereas  some types of crimes have dropped down to a considerable extent ;


The  Crimes That  Have  Increased :

·       Cyber Crimes :  A new study has found that there has been a momentous surge in Cyber-Security Crimes during  the Covid-19 pandemic ; The researchers have noted that there have been reports of scams impersonating public authorities such as WHO & other organizations like airlines, supermarkets etc. The  cyber criminals often target the public who are now socializing and spending more time online in general, as well as the increased population of people who are working from home [The Hindu Business Line, as updated by Prashasti Awasthi on 23/03/2021] ;


·       Domestic violence : As victims’ exposure to their offenders increases resulting from mandatory confinement of the latter during Lockdown period and even, after the opening of the lockdown the continued practice of the ‘Work from Home’ in some sectors like IT Sectors, Digital Marketing, Online Freelancing etc.


·       Counterfeiting & Fraud :  In India Police Department  has seized thousands of fake N95 Masks ; They have raided shops selling overpriced Masks & Sanitizers and initiated  a case against hoarders of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [Outlook India ; PTI – 25/03/2020 ;  Livemint. Retrieved 13/04/2020] ;


 The  Crimes  That  Have  Decreased :

·       Street Crimes : During the full or partial lock downs, owing to restriction on

movements there are fewer people on the street causing the decrease in street crimes ;

·       Theft & Residential Burglaries : These incidents have decreased with the effect of larger proportion of people staying at home ;

Global  Records : As per Associated Press report the Chicago Drug Arrests has fallen upto 40% since the lockdowns  compared with the same periods in 2019 & this decrease is being seen across the various cities globally as restrictions were increased to contain the spread of virus [Wikipedia] ;

General Effect : The Covid-19 Pandemic induced economic recession has pushed an estimated 85 to 115 million people globally into extreme poverty & unemployment which is expected to rise to 150 million in 2021 ; In contemporary societies , poor financial conditions are one of the leading causes of stress-induced crimes ; Higher levels of unemployment are often accompanied by poor working conditions, decreased social spending by governments & increased prices of consumer goods as has been witnessed in India in the past few months  [ORF-23/03/2021, by S. Das & S. Bhowmick] ;




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