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Myths About Covid-19


Myths About Covid-19 


·        Let us clear some confusing & misleading information from the minds of people which is very much required in this critical times of the Pandemic ;


The following myths have been attempted to be cleared on the basis of a

detailed  study initiated by the WHO ;   


1.     If you are able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort, it  proves  that you are free from Covid-19 ;


Remarks – It is a myth ; The best way to prove that you are free from

                  Covid-19 is through a laboratory test ;


2.     Antibiotics can prevent or treat Covid-19 viruses ;


Remarks -Antibiotics can work only against bacteria & not against viruses ;


3.     Pneumonia Vaccine can prevent Covid-19 ;


Remarks –Pneumonia Vaccine can prevent only different strains of 

                 Pneumonia ; Covid-19 virus is new & different from other

                 strains ; Prevention of Covid-19 disease requires a vaccine

                 specifically developed  for the purpose ;


4.     Killing of Covid 19 virus inside our body by spraying alcohol or Chlorine on our body ;


Remarks :  No, it cannot kill the virus inside our body,  besides it can

                   damage our soft tissues in the eyes & lips ;


5.     Eating garlic  can prevent Covid 19 ;


Remarks :  Though garlic has some anti-microbial properties,  there is no

                   evidence that it can prevent Covid 19 ;


6.     Covid 19 disease can transmit in cold climate  but not in hot & humid   

Climate ;


Remarks – Covid 19 disease can be transmitted in  any  climate ;


7.     Covid 19 virus can  spread through mosquitos ;

Remarks – It is a myth ; Covid 19 virus can only spread through the

                  droplets  from coughing, sneezing or from a patient’s saliva ;


8.     Drinking alcohol can help prevent Covid-19 ;


            Remarks   Drinking alcohol such as beer, wine, liquor etc. cannot help

                                  prevent coronavirus ; The best ways to prevent coronavirus

                                  is to wash hands with soap or sanitizer frequently, wear

                                  masks &  maintaining social distances with others ;


9.     5G Network helps  spread  of Covid-19 viruses ;


Remarks – Viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks ;

                   Covid-19 has spread in many countries that do not have 5G

                    network ;


10.  Walking in the sun protect us from being affected by Covid-19 ;


Remarks – Exposing ourselves to the sun does not protect us from

                   Coronaviruses ;


11.  Hand Driers are effective in killing the Covid-19 Viruses ;


Remarks – Hand Driers cannot kill Covid-19 viruses ;To kill Covid-19

                  Virus  it is required to wash your hands frequently with soap

                  or clean them with alcohol based hand-rub & then, after

                  cleaning you can dry up your hands  with hot air ;


12.  Taking a hot bath can help prevent being affected by  Covid-19 viruses ;


RemarksTaking a hot bath can not prevent you from being affected by

                   by covid-19 ; Again, taking a hot bath with excessive hot water

                   can be harmful, as it can burn your body ;










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