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Black Fungus - A General Awareness

  Black Fungus   Slowly following   the Covid-19 Pandemic   a    rare,    deadly & aggressive fungal   infection is spreading as epidemic in India ; As per   recent BBC news already nearly 9 thousand cases have been detected   in various states   like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Telengana etc.   How Caused   - Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is caused by a group of fungi that normally live in the environment, particularly   as moulds found in   soil and in decaying organic matters such as leaves, compost piles or rotten wood (CDC- 13/05/2021) ; People get Mucormycosis  of which there are several types by breathing in the fungal spores ; It may also come in hospitals and homes from  air humidifiers or oxygen tanks containing dirty water ; Line of Treatment According to Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the infection needs to be caught early as it is aggressive & dead tissues have to be scraped away ;   Unfortunately, surgeons   sometimes   have to remove 

Myths About Covid-19

  Myths About Covid-19     ·         Let us clear some confusing & misleading information from the minds of people which is very much required in this critical times of the Pandemic ;   The following myths have been attempted to be cleared on the basis of a detailed   study initiated by the WHO ;       1.      If you are able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort, it   proves   that you are free from Covid-19 ;   Remarks – It is a myth ; The best way to prove that you are free from                   Covid-19 is through a laboratory test ;   2.      Antibiotics can prevent or treat Covid-19 viruses ;   Remarks -Antibiotics can work only against bacteria & not against viruses ;   3.      Pneumonia Vaccine can prevent Covid-19 ;   Remarks –Pneumonia Vaccine can prevent only different strains of                    Pneumonia ; Covid-19 virus is new & different from other                  stra

Social Crimes During Pandemic

  Social Crimes During Pandemic   If we try   to study the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Crimes, during & after lockdown,   some interesting   features   in   crime records can be observed ; The development of such features is owing to changes in social behavior, some social habits and obviously,   the social panic associated with the pandemic situation ;   Mandatory   staying at home,   excessive dependence on internet for work from home,   strict maintenance of   social distance outside   etc. ,   all   have changed the known pattern of crime records of the pre-pandemic   era ;   During the pandemic   lockdown period the occurrence of some types of crime have increased whereas   some types of crimes have dropped down to a considerable extent ;   The   Crimes That   Have   Increased : ·        Cyber Crimes :   A new study has found that there has been a momentous surge in Cyber-Security Crimes during   the Covid-19 pandemic ; The researchers have noted that ther