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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar & Caste Reservation In Jobs

  Dr. B.R.   Ambedkar   &   Caste Reservation   in Jobs 14 th April –That day   this year was  the 130 th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B. R.  Ambedkar  who was popularly  Known as  Babasaheb ; It will not be out of  place here to write a few lines in  respect  of  him who was  one of the  greatest  personalities  of India in   our near past ;  He has contributed to the  Indian Society to a large  extent in  many ways among which the most  important were  as follows (in brief) –     As a   Social Reformer –   During his time (and still   existing to a large extent) Hindu society was   divided   into various  castes with full of inter-caste hatred, mainly    exhibited by the dominant upper caste people  towards  the ‘Shudra’s      or various other working classes ;     Dr. Ambedkar tried   to bring in   harmony   &   welfare   for all ;   He     understood that   without solving the caste questions the Social Justice,    Social  Harmony  &  Welfare  for all could not