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Covid Lock Down is Reopening - How to Adapt ?

Covid-19 Lock Down is Reopening – How to Adapt ?

Covid-19  Lockdown  is  easing out slowly ; Except the containment areas &  Red Zones it appears to be the Government Policy to slowly allow the people to come back to normalcy  within certain limits ;  We should understand that we are entering into a  ‘Post Covid-19 Era’  which is completely new & different from our past normal tension free life ;
We have to understand   that  lock down cannot continue  for a long time  at the  cost of  an unprecedented loss of  National Economy  &  at the same time,  it  is of prime importance that still there is  no discovery of  any Vaccine and/or  Anti-Viral Drug  to combat this devastating  & extremely contagious Covid-19 virus ; Therefore,  we have to,  very cautiously , strike out  a balance between safely staying at home  &  getting outside inviting the danger of being attacked by the virus ;
Let us examine, how safely we can perform the same in various  fields  of  life ;
-        While getting outside  always use  Mask  &  Disposable  Hand Gloves ;
-        Do not carry Belt, Wristwatch,  Rings etc. which cannot be readily  disinfected after returning  home ;
-        Always maintain strict social distance of 6 Ft. outside ;
-        After returning home keep your shoes outside  and keep  your purse containing  Paper Notes & Coins inside your house at a safe place & do not touch them for the next three days or until  you go outside for the next time ;     
Getting  Outside  for  Office / Workplace 
-        During transportation from home to office / workplace  the use of 4-wheeler or  2-wheeler including   bi-cycles  are  preferable ;  If you have to travel by public  transport, always  try  to  avoid crowd at any cost & always try to maintain a   social distance of minimum 6 Ft. both on the road & in the office/workplace ;  You must know that the people around you may well be asymptomatic  carrier of this  extremely contagious Covid-19 virus ;
Purchasing  Essntial  Commodities  &  Medicines
          Always purchase in a lot to cover up your needs for a maximum number of
          days ;  Always purchase from stand-alone shops on the road side without
         entering into a Market Complex or Bazar etc. 
Going to Barbar’s Shop / Salons etc.
        Select only those shops which can take  absolute  care in maintaining  social
       distance and use of sanitization /sterilization in all  respects ;
Going to Visit Ailing  Relatives 
       Try to avoid touching the patient physically anyway  to avoid contamination
        from both sides ;
Going to Shopping  Mall,  Cinema Hall  etc.
        Not advisable for the next 1 year ;
Going to Restaurant  for Dining 
        Not advisable for  another 6 months ;  If  you still go,   go only with your family
        members by observing  strict social distance ;
Going to Swimming  Pool,  Sea Beach
        Try to avoid for the next 1 year ;  If you go then, avoid crowd & remember that
       the social  distance is applicable  in water also, though  we do not know exactly
        up to what distance the virus can travel in water ;  Try to avoid  the upper
        portion  of your body  to go under water as far as possible ;  However,  fresh air
         along the sea beach is very good for health, only if you can avoid  the crowd at
         this time ;
Going for Outside Trip – Not advisable for another 1 year ;
Going  Abroad   - Not advisable for the next 2 years ;

However, in this dilemma between the life  &  the livelihood you have to decide up to which
 extent you can go to accept the  risk of getting outside ;  Always  remember that if
you die,  you will provide only a number to the Government,  but the loss to your family
will be immeasurable ;