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The Black Death - A Past Pandemic

Black Death : -Black death or  the Great Bubonic Plague
          spread  through a vast area of Europe in the Mediaeval      
          Period during the years 1347 AD to 1353 AD ; This   
          disease arrived in Europe when, in  October, 1347 AD,
         12 Nos. ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina from
          the Black Sea ;  People  who gathered at the Dock
          experienced a horrifying  surprise,  Most of the Sailors
           aboard the Ship  were dead & those who were still alive
           were gravely ill & covered with Black boils throughout   
           their bodies that oozed blood  & pus ;  The Sicilian
           Authorities  hastily ordered the fleet of the ships to
           remain out of the Harbor but by that time it was too
           late ; From here the disease spread over the next 5 years
           throughout the Europe and killed about  20 Million
           people which was almost  33.33 % of the  population of
           whole Europe at that time ;
          As per report of some experts the pathogen of Plague was
          also in existence  in Asia about 2000 years  ago ;  In the
           medieval era this pandemic was believed to have
           originated first in China & from there  it spread through
           the silk route up to Europe via India, Iran & Syria ;

a)     As per study of the present time that this Great Bubonic 
      Plague was caused by a Pathogen of some kind of Bacteria  
      which  rapidly spread through Rodents, Lice, Fleas etc.  
      In modern times it can be easily treated with the application 
      of antibiotic  ;
b)     However, in the stories titled “ Decameron”  written at that time, 
      by the great Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio, in the context of 
      this  great killer disease of Plague,  we find the preliminary  ideas 
      of  ‘Social Distancing’ &  ‘Self-Quarantine’ :
c)     As per observation of some people the popular Children Rhyme 
      “ Ringo Ringo Roses, A pocket full of Posies ……”  originally 
       came in memory of this fatal occurrence of the  medieval period ;


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