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Spanish Flu - The Pandemic of the Last Century

Spanish Flu : It is said to be the World’s worst pandemic on
         record ; It was an unusually  deadly Influenza Pandemic
         lasting from  January, 1918 to December, 1920,  infecting
         500 millions of people (about 25 % of the World’s
         population at that time ) with a death toll of about 50 million;
         The concerned Pathogen was  the Virus  named H1N1
         which was first reported in Spain ;  There is a hypotheses
         that the  Pandemic started somewhere in Northern China
        and  quickly spread  to the Western Europe when, in the  
         the atmosphere of the  contemporary World War I,
         Britain & France  recruited a large number of Chinese
         labours for the needs of various war services ;
          The Flu also  quickly spread to India when, on
          29/05/1918,  a ship carrying  Indian troops reached
           Bombay & affected the local population over there
           within a very short span of time ; As per records on
          06/10/2018,  768 people died on a single day ; Apart
          from  Bombay,  the Pandemic spread  rapidly  through 
          all over India : The mortality  rate in India was 20.6 per 
          1000 as against  4.7 per 1000 in  Britain,  thus  resulting in 
           a total death toll of  18 million in India as against 50 to 100
          million Globally ; The number of such a big casualty was
         due to the fact that in 1918 India also had suffered  from a
          drought,  affecting  a large part of the country thus
          resulting in  a famine &  malnutrition  which reduced
          the immunity  power of the vast country-side people
          belonging   mainly to the  people of  lower economic
          strata  &  women ;


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