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Spanish Flu - The Pandemic of the Last Century

Spanish Flu : It is said to be the World’s worst pandemic on          record ; It was an unusually   deadly Influenza Pandemic           lasting from   January, 1918 to December, 1920,   infecting          500 millions of people (about 25 % of the World’s          population at that time ) with a death toll of about 50 million;          The concerned Pathogen was   the Virus   named H1N1           which was first reported in Spain ;   There is a hypotheses          that the   Pandemic started somewhere in Northern China         and   quickly spread   to the Western Europe when, in the             the atmosphere of the   contemporary World War I,           Britain & France   recruited a large number of Chinese           labours for the needs of various war services ;            The Flu also   quickly spread to India when, on           29/05/1918,   a ship carrying   Indian troops reached             Bombay & affected the local population over ther

The Black Death - A Past Pandemic

    Black Death : - Black death or   the Great Bubonic Plague           spread   through a vast area of Europe in the Mediaeval                 Period during the years 1347 AD to 1353 AD ; This               disease arrived in Europe when, in   October, 1347 AD,           12 Nos. ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina from            the Black Sea ;   People   who gathered at the Dock            experienced a horrifying   surprise,   Most of the Sailors             aboard the Ship   were dead & those who were still alive             were gravely ill & covered with Black boils throughout               their bodies that oozed blood   & pus ;   The Sicilian             Authorities   hastily ordered the fleet of the ships to            remain out of the Harbor but by that time it was too            late ; From here the disease spread over the next 5 years             throughout the Europe and killed about   20 Million             people whic

COVID 19 - The Present Pandemic

COVID-19 : COVID-19 or Novel Corona Virus is an acutely         infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Pathogen belonging        to the group of related viruses that cause diseases in Mammals &        Birds ; Other Corona Viruses are SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory       Syndrome, outbreak in 2003), MERS( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome,        outbreak in 2002) ; The medical name of Novel Corona Virus is       SARS-COV-2 ; Most people infected with Covid-19 will experience mild to      moderate respiratory illness & recover without requiring special medical      treatment ; Only older  people & people with underlying medical problems      like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Disease & Cancer are more      likely to develop serious illness ; The unique feature of  Covid-19 is that it      spreads rapidly from human to human through droplets of saliva or discharge      from the nose when an infected person coughs o