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Herd Immunity and Covid-19

Herd Immunity   and   Covid-19 Introduction : Now-a-days   it is our regular fight against   the danger of infection by the most contagious   disease   Covid-19 ; We fight it at   all levels,   at personal level, by maintaining social distancing   & proper sanitization,   at   local level   & also at   national level   by observing   various measures   instructed by the Authorities ;   In this context   we sometimes hear the term   ‘Herd Immunity’ ;   Recently the British Prime Minister Mr. Boris   Johnson also mentioned this term as a good measure of fighting against   Covid-19 ; What is this ‘Herd Immunity’ ?   How can it be achieved ?   How far it is suitable to   fight   against Covid-19 ?   To the non-medical general people like us   it will be convenient if we discuss it   briefly in   very simple terms ; What is Herd   Immunity ? ‘Herd Immunity’ is the term used for social or group immunity ;   That is, it is the immunity at social level ;   When most of t
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Migrant Workers - The Most Shameful Episode of Pandemic

Migrant Workers – The  Most Shamefull Episode of  Pandemic   May 19, 2020 – 4 Migrant workers are killed in a road accident at Yavatmal  of                               Maharashtra ( ) ; May 16, 2020 – 24 Migrant Workers killed, 36 injured as  two trucks collided in the                               early  hours  on the high road of Auraiya District of  Uttar  Pradesh ;                              ( ) ; May , 16, 2020 -  8  Migrant Workers, including 4 women died in three  separate road                                accidents  in   Mdhya Pradesh,  while trying to reach their homes in                                Uttar Pradesh ( )  ;   These series of accidents,  one after another,  during  nearly the last two months, have stunned us,  broken our hearts  and have left us helpless,  speechless, only to remain looking forward and count how many accidents  are still to occur in near future ; Who are t

Covid-19 Pandemic - Impact on Mental Health

Covid-19 Pandemic – Impact on Mental Health Introduction The long   duration   of this Covid-19 Pandemic,   resulting in more or less total Lock Down of nearly two months (in our country)   has started taking   its   toll on the mental health of all sectors of the   common people   throughout the Globe ;   In India,   the Pandemic has significantly affected   our lifestyle, career & economy over the past few weeks ;   A recent study in India   has shown that there has been a significant rise in the number of patients suffering from mental health issues ; People from several age groups are reporting   cases of excessive stress, anxiety, panic   & depression ;   Symptoms   of Mental Illness There are ways by which we can understand &   identify   the various mental health issues that may be manifested in any member of our family ; These are –                 Fear & Nervousness,   Insecure feelings about futures,   Insomnia & Nightmares,   Anxiety, Pan

Covid Lock Down is Reopening - How to Adapt ?

Covid-19 Lock Down is Reopening – How to Adapt ? Covid-19  Lockdown  is  easing out slowly ; Except the containment areas &  Red Zones it appears to be the Government Policy to slowly allow the people to come back to normalcy  within certain limits ;  We should understand that we are entering into a  ‘Post Covid-19 Era’  which is completely new & different from our past normal tension free life ; We have to understand   that  lock down cannot continue  for a long time  at the  cost of  an unprecedented loss of  National Economy  &  at the same time,  it  is of prime importance that still there is  no discovery of  any Vaccine and/or  Anti-Viral Drug  to combat this devastating  & extremely contagious Covid-19 virus ; Therefore,  we have to,  very cautiously , strike out  a balance between safely staying at home  &  getting outside inviting the danger of being attacked by the virus ; Let us examine, how safely we can perform the same in various  fields  of

COVID-19 - A Natural Phenomenon

Covid-19 -  A  Natural Phenomenon Viruses are not living things ; They are complicated assemblies of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA), lipids and carbohydrates ; But on their own they can do nothing unless or until they enter in living cells ; Where they can replicate themselves & mutate in the host cells ;   Viruses are continuously changing as a result of genetic selection ; They undergo subtle genetic changes through mutation and major genetic changes through recombination . Mutation occurs when an error is incorporated in the viral   genome ; Recombination occurs when   co-infecting viruses exchange their genetic information creating a new type i.e. novel virus ; In prehistoric times human beings were hunter-gatherer ;   Apart from hunting their prey animals, mainly big herbivorous animals, their interaction with the animal world was minimal ; But along with growth of civilization they started domestication of animals, forming dairies, piggeri

Spanish Flu - The Pandemic of the Last Century

Spanish Flu : It is said to be the World’s worst pandemic on          record ; It was an unusually   deadly Influenza Pandemic           lasting from   January, 1918 to December, 1920,   infecting          500 millions of people (about 25 % of the World’s          population at that time ) with a death toll of about 50 million;          The concerned Pathogen was   the Virus   named H1N1           which was first reported in Spain ;   There is a hypotheses          that the   Pandemic started somewhere in Northern China         and   quickly spread   to the Western Europe when, in the             the atmosphere of the   contemporary World War I,           Britain & France   recruited a large number of Chinese           labours for the needs of various war services ;            The Flu also   quickly spread to India when, on           29/05/1918,   a ship carrying   Indian troops reached             Bombay & affected the local population over ther

The Black Death - A Past Pandemic

    Black Death : - Black death or   the Great Bubonic Plague           spread   through a vast area of Europe in the Mediaeval                 Period during the years 1347 AD to 1353 AD ; This               disease arrived in Europe when, in   October, 1347 AD,           12 Nos. ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina from            the Black Sea ;   People   who gathered at the Dock            experienced a horrifying   surprise,   Most of the Sailors             aboard the Ship   were dead & those who were still alive             were gravely ill & covered with Black boils throughout               their bodies that oozed blood   & pus ;   The Sicilian             Authorities   hastily ordered the fleet of the ships to            remain out of the Harbor but by that time it was too            late ; From here the disease spread over the next 5 years             throughout the Europe and killed about   20 Million             people whic