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Global Water Crisis - A Brief Note

  Global   Water Crisis – A Brief Note In this very Brief Discussion we shall try to highlight that   at this moment we are facing   severe water crisis globally and this will be clear from the following hard    facts – ·         Everyday more than 800 children under 5 die from diarrhea caused by polluted water, lack of proper sanitation and unsafe hygiene practices ; ·         785 million people lack access to clean water ; ·         Women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours   bringing water   every day ; ·         The average woman in rural Africa walks 6 kilometers everyday to bring   40 pounds of water ; ·         200,00,00,000   people   on our planet live without access to adequate sanitation ;      Special Sufferings of Women & Girls In poor families of Asia, Africa and   South America which comprise the   vast majority   of   the global population of this section, the women & girls often bear the burden of   carrying water for their families
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Threat of Climate Change Towards Children

  Threat of Climate Change Towards Children Climate change is now a global issue ;   Various man made activities, like increasing use of   fossil fuel, industrial emission of green-house gases, uncontrolled deforestation   etc. are mainly responsible for a continuous increase of global temperature which gives rise to the shrinking of arctic glaciers, rising of sea level etc. The weather has become more extreme, both hot and cold – as has rainfall & drought in different parts of the world ; The sum total impact of all these is the change of climate which is not natural, but clearly man made ;                                                                                                                We, the so called civilized human beings are solely responsible for this ;   How Children are Affected -         Children, mainly infants are more vulnerable to heat waves and coldness ; -         Poor air quality from climate change can cause breathing problems, especially in

Space Debris - A New Global Threat

Space Debris – A  New Global Threat  Space debris are  parts of  rockets and other artificial satellites that are either dead or lost,  dead space crafts,  even tiny flecks of paints from space craft  moving in the Space ; They also include objects that are results of explosions in the Space ;  According to NASA there are millions of  such  junk pieces orbiting our Earth ; Causes of Such Accumulation of Space Debris Over the years there has been a significant rise in the number of artificial satellites being sent into the  Space  in order to gather accurate & relevant data useful to perform a range of objectives  such as scientific research, weather predictions, military support, Positioning, Navigation, Earth Imaging, Climate & Environment monitoring and Communications etc.    According to the Index of Objects Launched into Outer Space, maintained by the ‘ United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs ’ there were 7389 individual satellites in the space at the end of A

Work From Home Vs. CYBER CRIMES

  Work From Home Vs.   CYBER CRIMES   Before this series of lockdowns there had been work from home but that was occasional and only   up to a very limited scale, mainly purpose oriented ;   But, during   the Covid-19 Pandemic and after,   this ‘Work-from-Home’   has become a general feature in mainly IT and many other allied sectors ; However, lockdown restrictions are easing now but   many companies in mainly financial and   IT   sectors have started telling   their employees that they will be allowed to work from home several days in a week permanently, and the rest of the time in the office ; In this scenario, centering over work from home, Cyber Attacks are rapidly increasing ; Cyber activities such as phishing, malware and ransom ware grew from   less than 5000 per week in February, 2020 to more than 2,00,000 per week in late April, 2021, as per Financial Stability Board ;   Financial Stability Board (FSB) This Board which is known as global financial watchdog,   doe

Pandemic's Effect On Office Work Time

  Pandemic’s Effect on Office Work Time -- The pandemic and the series of lockdowns that followed have  changed our  way of life,   our social habits to a  considerable   extent ;  It is also true in respect of  the office work time  to which  we were habituated  before ;  Previously, the normal office time was  from 9 AM or   9-30 AM to 5 PM or 5-30 PM, respectively,   in the  afternoon ; But now, by virtue  of  the pandemic situation,   almost  all of us  are habituated  for a long time in a completely  different  style of work like work  from home, office work for a shorter time  or for a shorter  time of  different shift  etc.   These work from home  or flexible period  of  work  for a  long time  have gradually changed  our likings  and attitude towards the office work time  to such  a  great extent that this will be  found very interesting  if we have a  look into it ; As per a   recent   multinational survey report among the workers  of 29 countries   in this   post pandemic

Pandemic's Effect On Child Development

  Pandemic's  Effect  On Child    Development   During this unprecedented period of Pandemic & series of Lockdowns we are much stressed both inside   and outside of our family ;   While we sometimes   have to go outside for bare necessities,   our   children remain totally   confined   within the house, devoid of   any normal social contacts for a long   time ;   How they are affected mentally & also physically ?    Within   a few paragraphs we can try to highlight some points briefly as under –   Physical & Mental    The various means to mitigate   the   threat   of spread of the Covid-19   pandemic such as social restrictions, shutdowns, school closure etc. contribute to the   stress in parents & children and can become risk factors which can adversely affect a child’s   physical & mental growth ; As per   studies   conducted by the PubMed, WHO   Covid -19 &   SciELO, epidemics can lead to high levels of   stress in parents &a

Using Facemasks for Detection of Covid-19

  Using Facemasks   for Detection   of   Covid-19   Can a facemask be used as a   Biosensor ?   How it would be   if   a facemask,  after being  used  for   some time would be able to detect Covid-19 virus ?   Very interesting,  isn’t  it ?  Rest assured,  now it is a reality,  thanks to the  recent research by Dr. Peter Nguyen &  Dr. Luis R. Soenksen  at  the  MIT/Harvard Laboratory where,  as interviewed  by  Mrs. Emily Henderson,  they had been trying to bring advanced biological circuits  outside  the   laboratory in a miniature form,  to develop   a wearable  like a facemask which would contain biosensors for detection of  Covid-19 ;   Biosensors To identify various physiological signals of a human body we use various  kinds of  sensors like pulse oxi-meter,  pressure machine, recently innovated  Apple watch etc. However, in contrast to such various electronic, mechanical or optical  sensors,  biosensors  use specially engineered genetic circuits to create  a  se

Pandemic's Effect on Family Relationship

  Pandemic’s Effect on Family Relationship   It will be a very interesting   discussion if we look into the matter   of   some sort of changes   in family   relationship in this global pandemic atmosphere ;   This Covid-19 Pandemic, being   an once-in-a-century affair, followed by a series  of Lock-downs in almost  every  country,  has so far affected in every  sphere  of  human life, namely, social, cultural,  economic  & also in   family-lives in  almost all the  corners of our planet ;   However,   to   limit the   volume   of this   writing ,   let us   confine our   brief  discussion only  to the  changes  that might have been noticed   due to this pandemic situation  within the family  circles  of two  different  economic  sectors,  i.e., the Working Class &/or Lower- Middle Class People   and   the   Upper-Middle Class people ; At the beginning it should be made clear that the points narrated  below  are not at all comprehensive,  written on the basis of only

Covid 19 - The DANGER of a Two Speed Response

  Covid-19 – The DANGER  of   a Two Speed Response   A Global Battlefield The human civilization is just in the middle of a battle now, the battle against a tiny virus   called   Coronavirus ;   To survive, our civilization has to   fight unitedly   to win over this enemy   where   the battlefield remains to be the   whole   area of our planet ; The UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres   on   24 th   May,   2021, has urged the countries to take bold   decisions now to both end the crisis and   build a safe & healthy future for all ;     The Grim Picture As per a recent report of the WHO Chief,   Mr. T.A. Ghebreyesus, there have been more Covid-19   cases   so far this year than in the whole of   the previous year (2020),   “On current trends” said he, “ the number of deaths will overtake last year’s total within the next three weeks” ;   As against this scenario, most of the   vaccine doses or 75 % ,   have been   administered   only in just   10